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MessLess Collector Classic 10

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28 Nov 2013

MessLess v10 Release

This is the most significant update of MessLess Software. More than 60 new features are added, including:
- Full Windows 8 support;
- No 4Gb size limitation;
- Filtering
- Edit data in grid
- Easy way to get totals;
- And much more...


MessLess Collector Classic 10 - Features List

Inventory Management Features

  • Store any information about any item;
  • Import existing inventory to HTML, Excel, Access, Word
  • Group inventory items
  • Fully Customizable. You can add almost any additional feature you need.
  • Multiuser work other network or other internet. Full-featured access management for users and groups;
  • Maximum database size: 4Gb (more than 1 000 000 records)
  • Mathematical Formulas: Use other 30 standard functions
  • Create charts and reports with grouping, subtotals, calculations and more
  • A Tree-like structure allows you to group and organize the records using folders
  • You can attach any files to your database (photos, sounds, documents etc)
  • A handy way of working with images is implemented in the software. You can paste images from the clipboard, get them from a scanner (camera) and import from any graphical file. Also there is an internal converter into the low-size jpeg format
  • You can import and export data from the following formats: Ms. Access (*.mdb), Ms. Excel (*.xls), Lotus (*.wks, *.wk1, *.wk3, *.wk4);
  • Backup. Even if your computer suddenly freezes or turns off, your data will not be lost.
  • Security. All information is encoded, even if you do not lock the database with a password;

Customization Features

  • Full form redesign is supported. There are more than 20 fields available in the program; you can change the behaviour, style, access and layout of any of them.
  • Using Visual Query Editor and Report Style Editor, create queries to a database and print any documents - reports, invoices, catalogues, business cards.
  • Automate routine operations using simple scripts that may be created by means of an easy-to-use visual editor - that is, there is no necessity to learn any computer language. Just select from the list of more than 40 actions the ones that you need.
    For example, when a form is changed, select to send an e-mail notification; when a button is pressed - select to create a new record; or make a backup copy every 20 minutes.
  • Thanks to Import/Parse and Export/Send templates designer, you can send e-mails, generate MS Word and Excel documents, web-pages, import data from Outlook and directly from web sites. For example, you can add to the program a possibility to automatically import currency rates or generate reports in the Excel format.


  • Maximum field number on a form: 32000
  • Maximum sheet number on a form: 64
  • Maximum record number: limited only by the database size
  • Maximum folder number: limited only by the database size
  • Maximum record number per folder: 100000
  • Maximum folder number per folder: 256
  • Maximum attachment size: 64Mb
  • Maximum attachments number per record: 64
  • Maximum query number: 1024
  • Maximum report style number: limited only by the database size
  • Maximum toolbar button/menu/hot-key number: limited only by the database size
  • Maximum picture number: limited only by the database size
  • Maximum attachments number: limited only by the database size
  • Optimal number of networked computers: 2 - 16
  • Users: Full-featured access management for users and groups
  • Mathematical Formulas: Use other 30 standard functions
  • Text Formatting: Use other 20 functions to format text
  • Automation: More than 40 actions to work with database, import/export, file system, etc
  • Scripting: Visual Script Editor - use actions, cycles, global and local variables, logical operators
  • Timers: Every week, every day, every X seconds and other
  • Text and Data Import From: Excel, Access, Outlook, Web, Doc, RTF, Txt, Csv, HTML, clipboard, any drag-and-srop data source
  • Images Import From: Any image file, Scanner, Web-Camera, Digital Camera, Clipboard
  • Export To: Printer, Send e-mails, Ms Word/Excel/Access Docs, Text/HTML/Csv files
  • Multimedia: Store and play Video, Music, Sound using Brilliant
  • Field Types: text, password, number, formula, image, date, time, e-mail, URL, simple relational field, many-to-many relational field, relational lookup field, list, multi-line text, image, flag, multi-select list, button, text-button, id, label, shape, picture.