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MessLess Collector Classic 10

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28 Nov 2013

MessLess v10 Release

This is the most significant update of MessLess Software. More than 60 new features are added, including:
- Full Windows 8 support;
- No 4Gb size limitation;
- Filtering
- Edit data in grid
- Easy way to get totals;
- And much more...


MessLess Collector Classic 10 - Order - $49.95


The payment is effected through one of our partners, Plimus (USA) or ShareIt (Germany). You can use credit card, bank transfer, check or other payment method at your discretion. You may pay in several currencies. The price may vary slightly depending on payment method or registrar.

You can also order our products on CD. Please do not forget to set this option when ordering, otherwise you will get only a license key by email.

New User

Order MessLess Collector Classic 10 via Plimus $49.95
Order MessLess Collector Classic 10 via ShareIt $49.95

Old User

Please, fill in the upgrade form with your e-mail to upgrade to v8 for free or with a discount:



  • One ordered license allows you to use the software for unlimited time;
  • The license includes free 6 months upgrade period;
  • The license includes 1 year of free technical support by e-mail;
  • To upgrade your current license to the new version 8.0, please visit the upgrade page.


Q. I have created a database using the trial version I downloaded from the site. Will I lose my work if I buy the full version?

A. No. You won"t even need to re-install this database software. All you need to do is register your trial version using the registration key you will receive by e-mail right after the purchase.

Q. How long do I have to wait before starting to work with the application after the purchase?

A. You can start using the application right after the purchase. To do that, you have to download the trial version from our site and register it with the help of the registration key you will receive by e-mail right after the purchase.

Q. What will happen if I lose my registration key?

A. Just write to our support service, and we will send you your registration key by e-mail.