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28 Nov 2013

MessLess v10 Release

This is the most significant update of MessLess Software. More than 60 new features are added, including:
- Full Windows 8 support;
- No 4Gb size limitation;
- Filtering
- Edit data in grid
- Easy way to get totals;
- And much more...


2013-11-28: MessLess v10 Release

MessLess Inventory v10, MessLess Collector v10 and MessLess IMS v10 are now available for download and order. This is the most significant update. More than 60 new features are added.


Update Information.

To update your current version of MessLess to the new one you should:

  1. Download the new version;
  2. Install it;
  3. Fill in the upgrade form. You will automatically receive registration keys for v10 in case your one-year period of free updates has not expired or links to purchase new versions at 40% discount in case your period of free updates has expired. Use these links to purchase a new registration key for v10 with 40% discount.
  4. Activate the software using the new registration key.

Major Improvements

Full Windows 8 support

The software works fine on all Windows 8 devices now.

Unlimited Database Size

With our new engine it’s possible to create database of any size. The size of a database is limited only by your storage device. No more 4Gb limit!


A possibility to quickly filter records in a folder is added. For example, you can filter records to show only non-paid items or items from New York. To add a filter, simply click the caption of a column in the folder.

Edit directly in grid

You can work with basic fields, lists, images and other directly without opening a form for each record:


Mandatory and Unique options

You can use "Mandatory" and "Unique" properties for fields in v10.

Get Totals Fast

Now you can easily get sum, average or min/max value of several records only by two clicks – click on the any column header and select the new “Get Totals” menu items.

Created and Modify Date/User Fields

Four new system fields which automatically tracks the following data for each record:

  • Creation date and time;
  • Recent modification date and time;
  • A user who has created the record;
  • A user who has modified the record.

In-Folder Records Drag-and-Drop (Reorder)

With version 10 you can manually reorder records in your folder by simple drag-and-drop. E.g. set the order of your items or tasks in way you like. Of course you can handle this operation with a script (e.g. save positions of records into a field).

Calculator with formulas for numerical fields

By pressing Enter key or on double click you can enter simple formula and calculate value right in the numerical field. E.g. 10+15+12 = 37.

HTML Field

HTML Field – allows showing custom HTML content or any internet web-page content. E.g. you can use to show address on google maps or any youtube video;

Other Improvements


  1. Calculator with formulas for numerical fields. By pressing the Enter key or on double click you can enter simple formula and calculate value right in the numerical field. E.g. 10+15+12 = 37.
  2. In-Folder Records Drag-and-Drop (Reorder). With version 10 you can manually reorder records in your folder by simple drag-and-drop. E.g. set the order of your items or tasks in way you like. Of course you can handle this operation with a script (e.g. save positions of records into a field)
  3. The new "Position" column allows you to show the record"s position in its folder;
  4. Attachments can be dragged out. Now you can simply drag-and-drop attachments from the attachments window of the software to any Windows folder.
  5. Database Access Log. V10 tracks all logins to your database and you can easily check who and when has been accessed your database.
  6. PNG images format is fully supported now;
  7. Attachment Archiving (Zipping). All files attachments are stored in compressed way making your database file size much slower (depends on the attachments type)
  8. View->Layout - a possibility to change the order of components on main form is added (e.g. swap views):
  9. Change Z Order of fields in Form Designer.
  10. Now you can view number of records after filtering on the folder information bar;
  11. Maximum number of attachments per record is increased to 256;
  12. A possibility to work with any exteranl SQL database (MySQL, MS SQL, etc) using SQL queries via ODBC.
  13. Almost all standard database operations (more than 50) can be blocked for each user group separately. E.g. "Replace" in the "Find/Replace" dialog or a possibility to sort records.
  14. Dropdown lists can use data from record fields;
  15. Record changes can be cancelled;
  16. You can now completely configure a dialog for selecting records, for example, for a relational field: set custom width and height,, set Table Style different from the one used by default (select columns, colors and so on), specify your own caption of the window and so on
  17. Spell Checking for Rich Text Field is added
  18. Estimate time for execution of queries, and advice how to fasten query execution (bottlenecks) is now displayed.
  19. You can now set up to 16 color rules for one field.
  20. Report Style Editor is improved. Rulers for moving elements, protection against moving elements by mistake, and opening elements for quick editing with double click are added. A possibility to print images from relational fields is added (for simple relational and many-to-many relational fields).
  21. Optimization now works much more effectively, which decreases the database size and increases the speed of work.
  22. Import/Parse Template can now be created right from the Import window.
  23. The "text FILE" formatting for getting the name of a file from the path to the file is added.
  24. Form Designer - minor improvements: for example, when elements are created on the dark background, text color is automatically inverted.
  25. A possibility to display a caption for many-to-many relational fields only if it has records is added. This works also when records are printed.
  26. Synchronization of databases - a possibility to import folders without records is added.
  27. Messages can be sent between database users.
  28. Work with time is improved in mathematical formulas.
  29. The "On empty value" text can be change for E-mail, URL, Simple Relational fields.
  30. You can setup a header for a calendar printout using the [$_calendar header text] variable.
  31. The current database version is shown on the main window caption after performing an update.
  32. Possibility to hide folder header;
  33. Possibility to remember recent folder for the “Select Record(s)” dialog;
  34. Improved Form Tabs. With version 10 you are able to customize each form tab independently: Set different background colors, set visibility rules for each tab and write script to control each tab selection.

Scripting and Automation

  1. You can now add custom scripts for record menu, beside the standard ones - Delete, Clone, Fill. For example, you can add actions to quickly send e-mails, mark items or cahnge several prices at one time. These actions can be performed for records selected in the folder, or records from queries.
  2. Execution of VBScripts is now supported:
  3. Work of Script Designer is improved:
    1. When variables are created, they are now split into groups for convenience.
    2. The program checks if actions are specified correctly and notifies is some parameters are missing: for example, if you do not specify a field for the "Change field value" action.
    3. A possibility to use "Break" and "Continue" operators in cycles is added.
    4. The error notification module is improved.
  4. A possibility to use regular expressions is added. To get all matches, use the For each match by regular expression cycle. For simple check of a string, use a new "RegExp Match" action.
  5. New static variables, which are same for all users and arent erased on database close.
  6. Boolean operations can be performed on recordsets now.
  7. The "Refresh" action that refreshes the content of fields is added.
  8. The "Change Layout" action that allows you to display/hide Small Query Results Window and Folder View is added.
  9. The "Change Folder Layout" action that allows you to change Layout and Table Style for the current folder is added. You can hide the list of records, change displayed columns or colors and so on.
  10. The "Change Records Access Level" action is added.
  11. For the "Show Message" action it is now possible to define a caption using a text formula.
  12. For the "Rename Folder" action it is now possible to define a new name for a folder using a text formula.
  13. For the "Attach File" action it is now possible to add one file by simply specifying a path to it. Previously it was necessary to specify a folder and a template for files.
  14. The "Change Image/File Field" action can now add files to the database directly from the Internet. Just enter the URL of files in the web, instead of a path to the file, for example:
  15. A possibility not to display the "Backup Created successfully" notification when backup is completed is added.
  16. A possibility to execute a script before a query is executed is added. In this script you can cancel execution of a query by specifying the value of the variable [$cancel]=1.
  17. The [$_server time] variable returning the time on the server when working by the network is added.
  18. A possibility to execute a custom script when records are created by standard means (from the Add menu, or using the Ins key in the records list) is added. For example, you can ask the user to enter additional data or block creation of records with a password.
  19. Text on the "Select Date..." dialog can be changed now.
  20. New text formatting flag: TRIMBR – allows to cut leading and ending line breaks;
  21. Focus Many-to-Many Cell Action. New script function to start edit a cell in the many-to-many relational field is added. E.g. you can use it to point cursor to the quantity field after adding an item to the many-to-many relational field;